Is your organizational infrastrucure actually hurting your organization?

Coastwise consulting works with senior executives and knowledge workers in IT, pharmaceutical, business communications, high-tech and manufacturing companies who struggle to create and maintain an organizational infrastructure that is capable of achieving the corporate mission and goals.

Large companies are extraordinarily complex. And unfortunately not enough time and attention is devoted to the creating of an organizational infrastructure that supports the mission of the company. (More about infrastructure here)

When infrustructure is ignored or overlooked, running on autopilot, outmoded, imported from some other place or time, or incongruent with where you want and need your company to go, then it will be an obstacle to your ability to get the right things done in the most effective and efficient manner.

When the organizational infrastructure is well matched to the mission, vision, values, and strategic direction of your company, it enables lasting success and sustainable returns on investments.

Tracy Gibbons of CoastWise Consulting has over 35 years' experience with the design, development, and alignment of organization infrastructure.

We will help you create or modify how your organization looks, feels, and acts; how it does its core work; and how your employees interact and work with each other and their internal and external partners--all essential but frequently overlooked variables in your ability to accomplish critical business results.

Ultimately, we will help you be certain that the design and infrastructure of your organization is tightly aligned with your business and technical strategy and goals and that it is working for you, not against you. Then it will be a source of competitive advantage, not an impediment to your success.

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